Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Thank you.

Thank you each and every one of you that supported the Huerta Nueva entry in the Carnival on Saturday. We had a great time participating and we hope the voyeurs enjoyed it too.

There has already been talk of doing it again next year so if you want to be involved watch this space!

To see more photos please click on the following link:

Sunday, January 24, 2016

It’s Carnaval Time!!!!!!

Having posted the photos last year with the suggestion of “Perhaps Huerta Nueva should get involved next year” well, we are doing it; are you joining us?
The Carnival parade is on Saturday 6th February at 17:00 with a set fancy dress theme with costumes costing around 15€ to 20€. If your costume costs more than 20€ Next Stop Almeria will be happy to sponsor your costume up to 5€.

It is a walking procession taking around an hour starting in the Plaza de Andalucía, going down Paseo de Los Gallardos, up Calle Major to the church and then back down to the marquee opposite the plaza.

We have a maximum of 30 spaces available on a first come first served basis so if you would like further details please contact either us via this page.

Ya llega el carnaval!!!!

Compartimos las fotos el año pasado con la sugerencia de que este año huerta nueva debería de participar. Bueno lo vamos a hacer, quien quiere participar con nosotros?

La procesión del carnaval es el sábado 6 de febrero a las 17:00, ya tenemos tema para la comparsa. Los disfraces cuestan entre 15 y 20 euros. Y si tu disfraz cuesta más de 20 euros Next Stop Almeria patrocinara 5 euros.

La procesión dura por lo menos una hora empezando en la Plaza de Andalucia, bajando por el paseo de Los Gallardos y por la Calle Mayor hasta la iglesia, bajando de nuevo hasta la caseta enfrente de la plaza.

Hay un máximo de 30 plazas disponibles, si quieres mas información póngase en contacto

Sunday, January 3, 2016


This Blogger page was a mirror image of the Facebook page for the benefit and interest of those that are not Facebook users.

The said Facebook page is now a closed group and therefore this Blogger page is no longer updated.

If you still want to know about events and what's going on in the area you will find some detailed at the following Facebook page however YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE a member of Facebook to see them.

Try checking out the following link: Almazara Virgen de Lourdes - Olive Press Los Gallardos

Happy New Year from Huerta Nueva!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Gas bottle sign

I have been sent an e-mail this morning that you may find interesting.
It reads . . . . .

"In my travels I have discovered a Spanish law that says that when you are transporting a gas bottle in your car you should have a sign in your window.

I have heard of people who have been fined on the spot for not having a sign showing.

These signs are hard to get hold of. So I have attached a copy of mine for you all to use.

It should be printed out 100mm x 150mm.

Please share this if you wish with others."


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Urgent request from Pam in Los Gallardos.

GOOD HOMES NEEDED for four puppies left next to a rubbish bin near Los Gallardos.
You can contact Pam on 600 89 59 81 or

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Message from Melv Parker

A new owner on Jacaranda was walking back from the village at night and tripped up on a slab of marble that had been placed over a missing man hole cover on the section of footpath on the left hand side of the triangle, badly grazing her right arm and horrendous bruising to thigh and leg on right side. Other people have advised me that this has been like this for several weeks.


Melv Parker

Friday, April 11, 2014

Post meeting update:

11/04/14 - We have been advised by Bartolomé of BMS that we cannot do anything with the large advertising board on the triangle because "he is going to use it".

Minutes from meeting held 4th April 2014

Minutes for HNOA Meeting Friday  4th Apr 2014.

Venue: Café Recreo, Los Gallardos. Time: 18:30hrs

1.0 Present/Apologies.

Paul Fullard, Heather Midgely, Ross Love, Peter Mackenzie, Michael Thorogood, Melv Parker, Neil Goodwin, Roger Mew (for Graham Hughes), Tony Stubbs, Brian White, David Fowler
Victor Childe.

2.0 Appoint New Chairman

Paul Fullard advised that although he was now no longer a president he is prepared to continue as chairman of our meetings and to update the websites. Paul Fullard was proposed and seconded as chairman of our meetings.

It was stated that Graham Hughes has volunteered to take over as chairman.

A lively debate followed during which it was mentioned that at a previous meeting a vice president had been denied attendance and therefore only relevant presidents and representatives should attend the meeting. However it was countered that that was a different circumstance and that in any case, as the responsible committee, it is up to us to make such decisions. It was noted that the current chairman had much experience in the position, had done well in the position and that it would not be good sense to lose this impetus.

It was proposed and voted by majority to change any previous rules to allow a non President / Representative to be a non-voting Chairman.

No other member of committee offered to stand as chairman; therefore it was put to a vote between Paul Fullard and Graham Hughes.

The majority supported the current chairman and Paul Fullard was voted to remain as chairman.

3.0 Agree previous minutes.


But it was clarified that the padron and the electoral roll are different and separate systems. However it was noted that still confusion remains over the padron, the register of foreigners and the ‘residencia’ requirements.

An attempt will be made to check with the town hall to see if an official description of the various systems can be obtained (Peter Mackenzie)

4.0 Matters arising from previous meeting.

Letter to the Mayoress Reparations pardon and garden waste

·         Letter sent reply received; generally positive; intend to improve cleaning in Huerta Nueva; intent to supply garden waste containers.


·         Possible further intensification of beam may require even larger dish end May. Those with 1.8 dishes recorded receiving UK television perfectly at the moment.

BMS Signboard

·         It was suggested that BMS approval is confirmed in writing and that following the improvement of the BMS signboard, clarify BMS will retain ownership and responsibility, should it later be a cause of damage to persons or property. It was also suggested that if this cannot be obtained in writing that the sign be painted.

Status of Lake and Surrounds

·         It was stated that the Friends of the Lake continue to invest time to improve the lake area and maintain the birds and fish. An ongoing complaint is the difficulty in keeping the water level up. Numerous requests to the Town Hall have failed to get a response. On one occasion a friend from Turre got the lake topped up after involving the SEPRONA division of the Guardia Civil.

·         Los Rosales has pledged to donate € 150 for a fountain or whatever the Friends of the Lake decide. All donations are welcome.

·         The next Lake Day will be convened Sunday 13th Apr 2014. All who want to or are able to please bring some tools for a start time of 10:00hrs. There is an ongoing need for as many volunteers as possible.

Dog problem with Indalo Restaurant Employees for Jacaranda

·         There was some confusion with regard to this item. The president of Jacaranda wasn’t aware of this problem.

·         However a general discussion followed on the continuing problems with dogs barking and fouling. The president of Los Naranjos showed an article on dog law. It was agreed the best practice is to speak firstly to the offending dog owner; if that fails speak to the relevant president and finally if necessary take the matter to the police.

·         It would be beneficial for Presidents / Representatives to know what results are obtained from any of their members making Denuncias.

·         The president of Jacaranda implored dog owners to encourage their fellow dog owners to adopt behaviour conducive to a better environment for all particularly within the urbanised area of Huerta Nueva.

List for Paco

·         The list for Paco continues active. It was suggested that the list could be prioritised because there are some items, such as the sleeping policemen, which have been in a state of disrepair for some time and could be the cause of an accident as traffic from both directions try to navigate through the centre.

·         In response to a question it was answered that better signposting to the entrance to Huerta Nueva is on the list. It was commented that an ambulance had experienced difficulty trying to find Huerta Nueva (life could have been in danger)

·         Someone noted that some lights were not working and that the football pitch is not maintained.

Post meeting note: Please advise Peter Mackenzie giving as much information/definition as possible of the position of any problems to be added to the list.

Animals other than domestic in complexes

·         It was thought that this related to a pet pig in Los Naranjos which has since been visited by the SEPRONA division of the Guardia Civil who apparently were not unhappy with the situation.

Neighbourhood watch

·         Following a discussion, during which the president of Los Rosales said his community were considering CCTV; Mike Thorogood agreed to pursue initially as lead co-ordinator to set something in motion with the “Neighbourhood Watch in Spain” group for Huerta Nueva.

Neighbours from hell in Huerta Nueva website

·         The chairman reiterated that during repeated attempts to get the site closed via Wordpress and Google he had not had any success. It was suggested that the relevant representative visit the parties concerned.

Points Submitted for Discussion

No points were submitted for discussion

Any Other Business

Frequency of Meetings

·         In future the meeting should be held bi-monthly.

Partido Popular

·         The PP should be invited to meet the committee.

New law for ’comunidades’

·         There is a new law which allows communities to prevent debtors from using community facilities, such as the pool.

·         It was noted that for a debt of less than € 9000 a judge can order payment within 20 days subject to certain criteria such as the current residential address of the debtor.

6.0 Date & Venue & next meeting

·         Sunday 1st June – El Recreo 10:00 for 10:30.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New signage

It's looking a little more positive for the requested signage at the entrance to Huerta Nueva.

Friends of the Lake - Next Meeting

The "Friends Of The Lake" monthly meetings have started again.

The next one is this Sunday - 13th April.

Anyone that can attend with tools including forks, spades, wheelbarrows etc will be welcomed from 10:00 for a couple of hours or however long they can spare.

Many thanks in advance from Melv and the Friends of the Lake.